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Felipe Martínez

Data Scientist

Hello, I'm Felipe, a self-taught data scientist from Argentina currently working as an AI developer for Dream Junk Studios. Also as a freelancer, I've helped clients decipher their data puzzles, extracted information from diverse sources, and facilitated knowledge visualization.

My job consists in helping companies and researchers to analyse, visualize and find insights in their datasets. Proficient in most data-science steps: data mining, application of statistical methods and neural networks, data visualization and results communication.

Quick learner, language enthusiast, and disciplined in all I do. Join me on this data journey!

2023 2024 Data Analysis - AI Freelance - Dream Junk Studios Data Science Dream Junk Studios



Data Mining

Data exploration, application of statistical methods, reproducible data analysis.

Data Management

Data harvesting, cleaning and reshaping. Development of automated workflows.

Data Visualization

Creation of static and interactive data viz and dashboards with Tableau and Power BI.

Deep Learning

Implementation of Deep and Machine Learning models. Computer vision, NLP, Recommenders, Regression.

Python Developer

Essential libraries like pandas, numpy, seaborn, tensorflow, pytorch and more. Trained to work with OOP.


Able to work and manage both SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra.


Good cloud management in AWS Cloud in workflow tools such as SageMaker, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and Amazon Redshift.

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Feel free to contact me for any question. For projects, find me on GitHub. If you want to follow my work, reach me on Twitter or Tableau. Otherwise, don't hesitate to send me an Email at felimartinez072@gmail.com.

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